The M.I.N.I.

The M.I.N.I. is the world’s most utilized Physiological assessment and has been validated since 1996. Through the “In Home Screening” portal you will have access to all 24 disorders (Clinician & Patient rated versions)

In Home Screening

The new HIPAA compliant web portal offers a variety of assessments & scales including the M.I.N.I., M.I.N.I. Kid, S-STS & SDS. The Portal will be the first of our delivery mechanisms to include the DSM V mapping.

Outcome Tracking

Some of our Outcome tracking solutions include The Sheehan Suicidality Scale (S-STS) and The Sheehan Disability Scale (SDS). The S-STS is an accurate assessment of treatment-emergent suicidal thoughts and behavior. The SDS was developed to assess functional impairment at Work; Social and Family.

Mental Health Facts and Compliance

What is the impact of the DSM V, ICD 10 and the Affordable Care Act on mental health? What is the impact of the Mental Health Parity Act, what is required for depression screening and by whom.

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