Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Janssen Pharmaceuticals enlisted the services of Medical Outcome Systems to customize the eMINI software to meet its exacting and specific needs. The Janssen Risperidone Bipolar/Anxiety Study is a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study of Risperidone monotherapy in ambulatory bipolar disorder with current moderately severe anxiety and lifetime panic or generalized anxiety disorder. Project Sites include the University of South Florida and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and the University of Cincinnati.

Alprazolam Study by Indiana University and Pfizer

Medical Outcome Systems was engaged by Indiana University and Pfizer to modify and customize its eMINI software to meet the testing and data collection needs of its Alprazolam study — a randomized double-blind comparison of Sertraline with early Alprazolam XR co-administered vs. Sertraline/Placebo form primary care panic disorder patients. Project Sites include the Indiana University, University of Pennsylvania and University of South Florida.

Psychiatric Disorders Research

Psychiatrists at the Department of Psychiatry, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Chang Gung University School of Medicine in Tao-yuan, Taiwan, use the M.I.N.I. 6.0 to research premenstrual symptoms and premenstrual exacerbation in patients with psychiatric disorders.

Beijing Medical University

The Institute of Mental Health at Beijing Medical University in China used the M.I.N.I. 6.0 to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder in Chinese rural areas affected by a devastating earthquake in 1999.

U.S. Military

The United States military uses several components of the M.I.N.I. 6.0 to help screen for mental health disorders in military personnel returning from the Persian Gulf and other theaters of conflict. The military's intent is to prevent tragedies like the ones that occurred during a six-week span in 2002, when four men from Army commando units at Fort Bragg in North Carolina killed their wives after returning from serving in Afghanistan.

South Africa Hospital

The Medical Research Council of South Africa uses the M.I.N.I. 6.0 to diagnose psychiatric morbidity in HIV patients at Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town.

Reducing Repeat Offenders in L.A.

Los Angeles County health and jail officials use the M.I.N.I. 6.0 to diagnose mental health disorders and reduce recidivism in dually diagnosed, incarcerated mothers.

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