In direct response to several impactful mental health developments in 2013 including the release of the DSM V, confirmation of the Mental Health Parity Act and the Affordable Care Act, MOS recently launched a HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliant Cloud based screening solution

The new Cloud provides physicians and clinicians a way to screen their patients for up to 24 of the most common disorders in mental health. It also offers patients a way to self-monitor and track common ailments and conditions, and in turn share that data with their primary care physician to facilitate ongoing communications around condition management, both online, and in-person. Both patients and physicians will access the communication and self-tracking features via a shared permission-based and opt-in environment. offers the M.I.N.I. 6.0 and M.I.N.I. Kid 6.0 (Children 6 to 18) in a fully HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliant web environment.

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In additional to the traditional in-person clinical assessment, also allows you to send emails to patients, who then follow a secure link to to take their assigned assessment from home saving clinician time. The results are then sent directly back to the clinician for their review and initial diagnosis.

Assessments to come include the M.I.N.I. Kid 6.0 Parent assessment along with treatment outcome tracking scales such as the Sheehan Disability Scale (SDS), Sheehan-Suicidality Tracking Scale (S-STS), Sheehan Irritability Scale (SIS) and many other scales.

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